Central/South Florida Summer 2022

Sea Cadet & League Cadet Training

Camp Geneva - Fruitland Park, FL      10 June 2022 - 18 June 2022
LCDR Jeff Leibowitz, USNSCC - Commanding Officer, Training Contingent (COTC) LCDR Nelson Rose, USNSCC - Executive Officer, Training Contingent (XOTC)
Emergency Contact Phone: 954-290-1655        COTC & Emergency E-Mail: rd@flseacadets.org


Making It Easy & Fun
or Hard & Painful
for Your Cadet (and you)
Various Tips

Click Here to Download Welcome Letter and Sea Bag Lists, but there are a few things that you should note right up front that will make things better for everyone:

  • Good, properly sized SHOES (and appropriate socks), including sneakers, uniform dress, shower flip-flops and especially boots (there is A LOT of marching and running in boots), can make the difference between a great time and a terribly painful time for your cadet! This is listed first for a reason! Get your cadet the right shoes...or keep them home and save them the pain!

  • For Recruit Training and other Physically Demanding Courses:

    • Don't kid yourself...or us. This training will be the most physically and psychologically demanding and challenging thing your cadet has ever done...by far! Your cadet will have enough to handle with the training alone...please don't make their challenge harder.

      • Fully disclose any and ALL medical, psychological or physical conditions or limitations when registering.

      • Anything that could be an issue WILL be an issue under the stress and physical demands of the training. Just because [whatever it is] doesn't bother them in school or gym class, doesn't mean it won't be a problem at trainings...it will!

      • Do not go away on vacation while your cadet is at Training. Be prepared to come to take your cadet home in the event of a medical or disciplinary issue. It is rare that a cadet needs to go home early, but it happens to at least one or two cadets, for a variety of reasons, during virtually every training evolution.

  • Any cadets or escort officers who may be flying in need to arrange transport to and from Camp Geneva in coordination with the COTC no later than 15 days prior to the training date. Such transport cannot be guaranteed, so please confirm with COTC before booking any flights. All flights must be to and from Orlando International Airport (MCO), arriving between 0700 and 1000 on 10 June, and departing between 1600 and 2000 on 18 June.

  • If you are applying as a STAFF CADET, please send an e-mail to nrose@flseacadets.org explaining your desire and qualifications.

  • Absolutely no cell phones or other electronic devices will be permitted for training cadets, though Staff Cadets may be allowed cell phone us from time-to-time.

  • Emergency contact information will be provided to every Unit and parent in the event that the unit or parent needs to reach a cadet.

  • Pictures will be posted every day on a our Facebook page.

  • Medical Issues: For cadets that are on regular prescription or over-the-counter medications, please do not stop their medication before or during Summer training. Send all medications in the original container or prescription bottle, not in plain containers. Provide detailed instructions on how our Sick Bay staff should administer your cadet’s medications. Please inform us about any behavioral or other issues, including bedwetting, sleepwalking or anything else that may need occur. Our staff is prepared to handle these issues in a respectful and effective a manner so that your cadet has the best time possible during our training.